Common Maintenance Issues Phone

Common maintenance issues and how to resolve them.

Below is a list of the most common issues and how to resolve them yourself or temporarily fix until maintenance can come make the repair.

My toilet is clogged?
Help video: How to use a plunger to unclog a toilet Help video

Most stoppages in toilets are caused by excess paper. It is the tenants responsibility to clear the stoppage. If the toilet is filling and you’re worried about an overflow, first shut off the water to the toilet. This can usually be accomplished by turning a small valve behind the toilet to the off-position. If the toilet has started backing up on its own, or the plunger did not work, please submit a request. You may be asked by the plumbing company to wait until the following business day. Note: If the plumber finds you were at fault for the stoppage, you may be charged for the service call.

Garbage disposal not working or humming?

Help video: How to fix a garbage disposal Help video

Check Power: Confirm that electricity is flowing to the garbage disposer by first checking the circuit breakers or make sure it’s plugged in. It’s easy to forget that some disposals have wall outlets.

Overheating: Check the reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Gently press the red button in to reset garbage disposal.

Jamming: If the unit is humming but still isn’t working, then it probably means it’s jammed. Before you begin to clear the jam, disconnect the unit from its power source, either by unplugging it or by turning off its circuit breaker.
Locate the recessed hex-shaped hole in the bottom of the disposer. Insert into the hole the 1/4 hex-head Allen wrench and manually turn disposer’s motor shaft first counterclockwise, then clockwise until the obstruction is dislodged and the motor shaft spins freely.

Garbage Disposal ResetGFCI outet and breaker panel

Slow draining sink, bath tub or shower?

Help video: Fix slow draining sink or tub using a plastic hair snake Help video

Most of the time a simple tool called a “plastic hair snake” can help remove hair and other drain buildups.
They are inexpensive and can be purchased at: Home depot

Stop a leaking toilet or faucet?

Help video:
How to shut off water under sink Help video
How to shut off the water to your toilet Help video

Most leaks will need to be repaired by a professional, however it is a good thing to shut off the water supply to stop the leak from causing damage.
Please shut the water supply off and then submit a request.

Electrical out or Outlet not working?

Help video: How to reset your GFCI outlets and circuit breaker Help video

Have you checked to see if any of your GFCI outlets are tripped? They are located in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garages, and Outside. Please check to see if you have any and reset them. I will attach a picture of what a GFCI outlet looks like.

Otherwise you might need to check the main breaker panel and see if a breaker is tripped. Look for any breakers that are in the “off” position. You might need to reset a breaker as well, by switching it to the “off” position and then back to the “on” position.

If you’re entire home is without power and resetting the main breaker doesn’t restore the power, Click Here to view PG&E’s current power outages or contact PG&E directly at (800) 743-5002.

GFCI outet and breaker panel

No hot water?

Help video:
How to light pilot on water heater (Newer models) Help video
How to light pilot on water heater (Older models) Help video

Most houses use a gas water heater and the most common issue when there is no hot water, is the pilot light has gone out.
Need to have a gas pilot light lit? PG&E offers this service free of charge. Click here to schedule an appointment.
You will need to check to make sure the pilot light is working and have tried to contact PG&E before contacting us for help.

How to disengage your garage door from the opener?

Help video: How to disengage & reengage garage door opener Help video

Knowing how to disengage your garage door is important. Besides preventing tardiness to work, knowing how to open a garage door with no power can literally save your life if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Step 1: Ensure the Garage Door Is in the Down Position
Step 2: Pull the Red Cord Down to Release the Door From the Opener
Step 3: Pull the Cord Towards the Interior of Your Garage
Step 4: Lift the Door Manually If You Need to Get Your Car Out
Step 5: Close the Garage Door